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What do you do when you have a silly pun to make? You invent a light novel title to justify it. What do you do when you have a light novel title and a strike of inspiration? Write it all in an evening.

Necromancer is a pretty easy title to hold - just live in a refurbished cave, do a bit of graverobbing, and you can get your army of faithful servants up in no time, ready to pillage and kill at your command. All you need is the appropriate grimoire. This one, however, wasn't. It made catgirls. And it has a few other spells worth taking a glance at...
~1700 words long.


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Fun little bit of TF fiction! I do have a quibble with it though: there's an implication that a cis man who's comfortable being one can't possibly want to be androgynous and/or pretty. That if he does, it must mean he's neither cis nor a man. Are you sure there's no spell in that book for making cute playful catboys instead?

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Hey, thanks for the follow! Yeah, my intention was in no way shape or form to suggest cis men are not allowed to defy typical masculine gender expectations, though I can see why it could accidentally be implied. My objective was a cute little story about someone finally getting in touch with their actual, deeply repressed thoughts.

I've received elsewhere a bit of criticism that I didn't make the reveal foreshadowed enough, which I think is fair, and could've helped quell that accidental implication a tad. Definitely keeping it in mind for future stories.

(And I'm absolutely sure there must be such spells in this book, it just didn't happen to be what the page landed on nor what they would have wanted anyway :p!)